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PostSubject: how-to REPLACE AN OWNER   Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:17 am

How to replace an owner in your league

You will first go to the For Commissioner > Setup > Remove an Owner.  This will un-link any current MyFantasyLeague customer from the specified franchise.

Next, go to the For Owners > Franchise Setup - Basic  to enter the new owners Name and Email address.  Here you can also edit the wireless number and additional contact information as needed and clear any customization the previous owner had.

Finally, go to the For Owners > Change Password  and assign a temporary password for the new owner to link their account to the team and lock out the previous owner.  Once complete, go to the For Commissioner > Setup > Invite Franchise Owners to send a new invite for the team.  The new owner will then be able to log into their MFL Account (or create one) and link their Account to their team.

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